Alpha Phi Omega offers its members many opportunities for leadership development. At the chapter level, an active brother may become an officer and serve the chapter in that capacity.


At the Sectional, Regional, and National levels, workshops and conferences are held regularly to develop leadership among members. APO LEADS is the official leadership development program of Alpha Phi Omega and offers individuals "A Personal Odyssey of Learning, Leading, and Serving."


After graduation, an APO member may serve in a variety of alumni positions, including chapter advisor, Sectional Chair, Regional Chair or National Committee member.


While offering valuable leadership opportunities, another distinguishing characteristic of Alpha Phi Omega is its many social activities. Chapter activities known as Fellowships are held to promote friendship and include dinners, retreats, and movie nights held through-out the academic year.




Alpha Phi Omega is the only national fraternity with service as its primary mission of Service is broken into the areas of:


1) service to the nation,


2) service to the community,


3) service to the campus, and


4) service to the members of the Fraternity.


Service to the nation may include sponsoring a project for Alpha Phi Omega's National Service Week, held in November of each year, or helping with voter registration drives.


Service to the community is probably the biggest area of service for most chapters. Community projects have included organizing neighborhood cleanups, Adopt-a-Highway, firetruck cleaning, and helping with local Red Cross Blood Drives.


Service to the campus is directed specifically to the needs of the college or university campus on which the Alpha Phi Omega chapter resides. Related activities include helping out at university events, assisting and orientating new students, tutoring, and volunteering in campus offices.


Service to the members is performed by actively recruiting and participating in chapter activities, which helps to build unity and friendship among new and old members.


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